Road to Wealth

"Road to Wealth" - the first sub-module of the third Investing Knowledge module in the Investing 101 Online Course...

The full Investing 101 course comprises 5 online course modules, with the third Investing Knowledge course being made up of 4 online course sub-modules. As mentioned in the above Introductory Module, the full Investing 101 course has been designed to provide you with everything you need to put the "Simple Formula for Wealth" into action.

Unlike other investment training courses, you are not just provided with the 'how to invest' knowledge and then you are left to work out how it pertains to your wealth building needs. The Investing 101 series of modules, when done in order - which we highly recommend, will help you:

  • clarify the financial goals you need to achieve your vision of the future
  • confirm and quantify your current financial situation
  • provide you with the appropriate level of 'how to invest' knowledge
  • help you develop the right plan of strategies that will give you a much higher probability of success
  • give you the tools and direction for how to start putting your investment plan into action
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