Investing Course

This free online Investing Course will give you all of the knowledge and skills you need to put a Simple Formula for Wealth into action!

The “Investing 101” course consists of a series of bit-size, easy to digest modules that you can work through in your own time. I recommend that you complete each of the course modules in order. But, you can of course just do the modules that cover the knowledge areas you need.

On completion of all of the modules in the Investing 101 online course you will have gained an excellent range of actionable investing knowledge. The goal is to provide you with the level of investing knowledge you need to confidently self-invest, build wealth and secure your financial future.

Introductory Module

The introductory course module provides an example of the content you can expect in the full Investing 101 online course, and shows you how the online eLearning course environment operates. It also presents the “Simple Formula for Wealth” in a way that is really easy to understand. Go ahead and try out the course environment now - Introductory Module.

Module 1 - "The WHY"

I believe that this first module in the Investing 101 course is the most important! Planning and investing for your future wealth is not a get rich quick exercise. It takes time and commitment. So, clearly understanding your motivation - “The WHY” - will help you stay the distance and give you the desire and drive to see the journey through. Are you ready to be enlightened? Open your mind and work through The WHY course module now!

Module 2 - "Take Stock"

The second module in the Investing 101 course will give you a really clear understanding of your current financial situation. You will be shown how to analyse your finances in order to see what funds you have, or can free up, for investing. It’s through successful investing that you will achieve the financial future you desire - if you completed the first module above then that’s your Big Hairy Audacious Financial Success Goal we’re talking about! Get stuck in and do your stocktake in Module 2 now - please don't short-cut this step!

Module 3 - "Investing Knowledge"

Our third "Investing Knowledge" module was so large and so chock full of goodness that we've had to break it four smaller sub-modules to make it easier for you to consume. Four sub-modules - each designed to grow you into a super savvy investor!

In the Road to Wealth sub-module we start by looking at the basic concepts of investing for wealth creation.

The Risk vs Rewards sub-module raises your awareness of investment risks, but then covers the rewards - which is why it's worth the risk!

The Investment Types sub-module will take you through all of the types of investments on offer to you and show you the pros and cons of each.

Coming soon! The "Investment Strategies" sub-module will show you how to build an investment portfolio to suit your personal requirements!

Module 4 - "Your Plan"

The fourth module in the Investing 101 online course has been planned and course development will start soon - please watch this space for it to become available. Called "Your Plan", this course module will help you develop your personalised investment plan. Putting all of the knowledge you gained in Module 3 to good use!

Module 5 - "Getting Started"

The fifth and final module in the Investing 101 course (once developed), called "Getting Started", will help you set off on your investment journey. It will show you how to take right first steps to leverage what you've learned through the rest of the course, including lots of tips for putting your investment plan into action and ensuring financial success!

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