How to Get Rich

How the rich get rich. You don't need to be Einstein. The wealth formula for gaining financial freedom is really quite simple.

Unless one inherits wealth, or wins the lottery, the formula for getting rich is fairly straightforward. But, rather than telling you in words, here's a short video of the simple wealth formula that explains all...

Simple Formula for Wealth

So, the formula for wealth, or "getting rich", is exceptionally simple: invest the available funds you have, build your asset base, and reinvest the passive income for exponential growth - all the while, constraining your expenses and reducing your liabilities.

By the way, if you don't think you have funds available for investing, please see our What's stopping you? blog post which covers this very subject.

Slow going at the start, but stick to your guns and after a few years of using the simple wealth formula you'll see a substantial gain in your net worth. Plan your financial goals by following the formula and your future wealth can be all you dream it to be.

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